The call to be a servant-leader is tough. No one gets it all right, and certainly no one gets most of it right overnight. It’s a life plan — a way of living you grow into with practice and time. Here are 25 suggestions, men, for being a servant-leader    in your home.

1.   Include your wife in envisioning the future
2.    Accept spiritual responsibility for your family
3.    Be willing to ask forgiveness and apologize to your family
4.    Discuss household responsibilities with your wife; are they fairly distributed?
5.    Consult your wife on major financial decisions
6.    Follow through on the commitments you make to your wife
7.    Anticipate and prepare for the different seasons your marriage will pass through
8.    Anticipate and prepare for the different stages your children will pass through
9.    Frequently tell your wife what things you like about her
10.  Provide financially for your family’s basic needs
11.  Move past distractions so you can talk to your wife and kids
12.  Pray with your wife regularly
13.  Initiate meaningful family traditions
14.  Plan fun things for the whole family
15.  Give your children practical instruction about life to build their confidence
16.  Manage the schedule of the family and anticipate pressure points
17.  Keep out of debt
18.  Draw up a will and arrange a well-conceived plan in case of your death
19.  Let your wife and kids into the interior of your life
20.  Honor your wife in public
21.  Explain sex to your children in a way that gives them a wholesome perspective
22.  Encourage your wife to grow as an individual
23.  Take the lead in establishing biblically-supportable family values
24.  Join a group of men dedicated to improving their skills as men, husbands, and fathers
25.  Provide time for your wife to pursue her own personal interests 

*Robert Lewis, The Men's Fraternity Bible (Nashville: B&H, 2007).


Which one of these (or maybe several of these) do you need to work on to become a stronger servant-leader in your home?